From Moor, Fen and Fastness

by Grendel

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released October 17, 2001



all rights reserved


Grendel England, UK

English Black Metal

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Track Name: Dark Death Shadow
I crawl through the dust of my tomb

The womb of my mother
In fear I retreat from the pain

Look to the forest
An unholy light
Drawing my soul from its grave

From the horizon the blood tinted night
With powers of unlife I claim that this night shall be mine
Track Name: Iron. Spite. Pride
Witness - the spawn of torment
In hate we come to burn

To march beneath the eye of might
And baptise the earth in flames

Blackened bones and burning homes
Spite enthroned with pride

To kill and kill and kill again

Witness - the spawn of torment
In hate we come to burn

To march beneath the eye of might
And baptise the earth in flames

Hell of Steel, the grinding wheels
Art in pain and war

A legend wrought in iron on bone
To burn away all life

Endless carnage, forth we march
Not fear the light of day

Banners drenched in blood against the sky

Blood is black that fills these veins
And cold the heart that beats
Track Name: Teutobergerwald
Caught between fearful forest and stinking bog,
Men of empire, gleaming their swords,
Their lives were ended

Where do they lie? Grim faced Varus, Ermanric?
Bloody heathens in forest realms,
Unafraid of the spear hedge

Flickering torchlight led them: three legions to their doom.
[Germanicus found them] A bone yard in the forest.
Mouths sewn closed

Crept through the shadow haunted,
Realm of barbarian,
Thunor smote the heavens above

Stealthy heathen warriors, flitting through the dark
Like great wolf and fierce boar
They knew fear then - in the forest,
In the shapeless dark they died

Iron bound sons of the Emperor

["Quinctili Vare, legiones rede"]

From the South they came - never to return.
Empty their homesteads,
Husbandless their land

Where do they lie? Proud Varus and his kin who fell,
Beneath the bright swords of fierce heathen men,
Defending their land

[I remember them]

I am the returning Spirit of your ancestors,
I am the Hunter whose call echoes through the hills,
I am the Ghost of the whispering forest,
I am the Raven on the wing,
I am the Wolf, shadowy coated predator

I cannot forget,
I cannot die